Pictured with the love of her life, husband Terry.

"They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved." - Acts 2:46-47 (NIV)

Aimee Jackson became best known as, “Not the Perfect Cook ™,” television personality, cookbook author, recipe developer, writer and speaker. Most importantly, Aimee wants you to know she is Terry's wife, Michala's mom and bonus mom to Travis and Dylan, and bonus-mom-in-love to Melissa. Aimee is also dog mom to Rusty; the most energetic, loving, ever-present, velcro dog, alive. Rusty is a Vizsla, but he does not know that. Rusty believes he is a human, so your confidence and discretion in his presence would be greatly appreciated.

She loves to feed people with her recipes, but more so, Aimee wants to feed their hearts with the promises from Jesus. Aimee writes under the Not the Perfect™ branding. Aimee will always be the first to tell you she is Not the Perfect Girl. Not the Perfect Woman. Not the Perfect Wife. Aimee and Terry have, Not the Perfect Marriage, Aimee is Not the Perfect Parent, but the imperfections allow God’s grace to weave through the stories. Even better, Aimee wants you to know she serves the Perfect Savior.

After retiring from a career as a political consultant at age 31, Aimee spent five years on Nashville's NBC affiliate, appearing three times a week with quick and easy, healthy recipes. Having more than a quarter million viewers in the Nashville area and reaching more than 1.5 million households when her segments appeared on the nationally syndicated show, Better; Aimee realized her greatest audience was when she performed for God; not the world. This was when Aimee decided to step away from television and pursue her writing.

Aimee has been a spokesperson for brands like Hidden Valley; a part of the Blogger’s Council for Feeding America and also a contributor for Aimee appeared on The Today Show, Better TV and on Nashville’s NBC affiliate. A food, wine and travel writer - Aimee has taken the love of both (travel and food) and meshed them together in many of her recipes; many of which you can find in Southern Living, Taste Of Home and Cabot's first ever cookbook.

You may reach Aimee at to schedule her for your next speaking engagement and to be a spokesperson for your brands.