Full of Wonder

I not only like the word, “wonderful,” I enjoy it. You know why? Because it makes me think of the way I should live. “Full of wonder.”

Pastor Steve has taught us about, “illuminated reading.” He says we need to pray each day, “Holy Spirit, will you please show me what you want me to read today?” In other words, we are to pray for the Spirit to highlight the message for us.

I don’t know about you, but I can read a scripture 50 or 60 times, but until my heart is open to God’s Holy Spirit guiding me, it is like words falling on deaf ears. Suddenly when I have submitted myself wholeheartedly to Papa, the message makes sense. It is more, “illuminated” for me, if you will.

Anyway, several months ago when Terry and I were struggling with a legal decision we needed to make, we wanted to honor God in every move we made. On the one hand, we know that Christians are by no means, doormats. We cannot just sit back and allow evil, corrupt actions to take place and just “accept” it. On the other hand, Jesus expects us to be better than the evil people. We are to not only forgive them, but often we are to walk away from their behavior, and trust God to deal with their wickedness.

As we sought wise counsel over our decision, we turned to both Godly mentors and legal counsel.

“Show the wonder of your great love, you who save by your right hand those who take refuge in you from their foes.” - Psalm 17:7 (NIV)

The wonder of Papa’s great love is truly immeasurable.

As I read that scripture, I meditated on what Terry and I are supposed to do. Sometimes, we have to take legal action. Other times, we don’t. But when we seek Him first and always, He shows us the wonder of His great love. In addition to that, He saves, by His right hand, all of us who take refuge in Him, from our enemies and those who do wrong to us.

He is so full of wonder. I never want to allow myself to forget or take for granted His amazing, amazing wonder. The enemy wants us to focus on the unknown, or the evil things people do, but instead, let’s focus on Papa’s great wonder.

The next time you see a snowfall or the beautiful ocean and a palm tree or a rainbow or a thunderstorm or a flower bloom or a baby or an elderly person who has lived a full life … those are just a few examples of His wonder.

He is so wonderful, for He is full of wonder. May each of us remember to be full of wonder, as well, as we worship and praise Him!