Hourly Prayer Alarms

Terry and I recently made a decision about a major ordeal we endured, and I have to tell you … I wasn’t consumed with a peace over our decision. In fact, I kind of questioned it. I don’t want to go so far to say I doubted Terry’s role as leader, but I somewhat doubted this decision. I felt like it was a mistake to make the decision he wanted to make.

Once we agreed to move forward with the decision, Terry said he had a tremendous peace. He wanted to be done with the ordeal. Me? I wanted justice. I wanted revenge. I wanted bolts of lightning to strike down the people who were so wrong and caused so much trouble for us. So I asked a couple of my prayer warriors to pray alongside me and ask God to help me with my attitude.

Never doubt the mighty power of prayer.

A couple of days, and I mean that … a couple of days after we released the matter, I felt an incredible weight loss. I had no idea the massive, heavy burden I had been lugging around over this issue, and I realized one day, “Oh my stars. Prayers are mighty AND miraculous.”

It was truly miraculous for me to be able to let some of this go. Terry was right, and to make the decision he did was truly for our best, and God had to reveal Himself to me so I could see the good in releasing it, too.

We have just had so much going on and the hourly prayer alarms we set back in October have done wonders for our hearts and minds.

One day, I noticed myself humming while I was working in the kitchen. I smiled at this because I realized it had been months since I hummed.

“In every season your grace has been enough and I’m believing the best is yet to come… Your presence is an open door. We want you Lord like never before … I know breakthrough is coming, by faith I see a miracle. My God made me a promise and it won’t stop now!” - “Won’t Stop Now” lyrics by Elevation Worship.

I had allowed the turmoil to seep into my thoughts and emotions and rob my joy right out from under me. The enemy loved every moment I spent in turmoil, agonizing and worrying over the unknown.

But when Terry and I made a pact to not allow the attacks from the enemy to destroy us, we saw The Holy Spirit moving and working in our lives and drawing us closer to one another and closer to Papa. I can see how the past year has only strengthened both Terry’s and my faith and our love for one another, as well.

“Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.” - James 1:12 (NIV)

We are still under an awful lot of stress and walking through some fiery trials, but we know Papa is refining us. We know the power of prayer is mighty and we believe and trust in the promises of our Heavenly Father to rescue us. And to get to walk through the fires holding hands with the love of my life, God shows me time and time again, He redeems, He restores, He replenishes us.

My sweet friend, please do not lose hope during your fiery trials. God rescues us, every single time. “I know breakthrough is coming, by faith I see a miracle. My God made me a promise and it won’t stop now!”

Breakthrough is coming. Trust. Believe. Be blessed.