You Are Not You Without Him

I went to church by myself, because Terry had to stay home one Sunday so one of the contractors could do a few last minute things. People we don’t even know at church, noticed Terry wasn’t with me. This precious lady took my hands and asked me, “Where is your husband?” I told her he had to meet a contractor at the house, so he was at home. She said, “You are not you without him. You are not complete without him.”

Boy was she right. But I loved the way she said it. She is from one of the islands, so her accent is already beautiful; but to hear her say it the way she did, it was just so precious. And I agree. I am not me without Terry, and I am not complete without him.

“Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you--unless, of course, you fail the test?” - 2 Corinthians 13:5 (NIV)

When we die to ourselves; when we yield to the Holy Spirit guiding our lives, Jesus is in us. I am not me without Jesus, and I am not complete without Him.

I am a true romantic, so of course I love the fact people I do not even know, noticed a part of me was missing, when Terry wasn’t with me. But I would rather die than have people notice me without seeing Jesus. I am a human, therefore I have flaws. There will be times my reaction is more flesh than reflective of the Holy Spirit, but I still pray every day, “Papa, let others see you in me.”

Christians are not doormats. We are not expected to just “roll over” and give to the world, whatever it demands from us. On the contrary. We serve the strongest man who ever lived. Jesus is the only one strong enough to take on the shame, sin and guilt of the entire world, so we would not have to do it. I can say no to what is wrong, and still do the right thing. The world wants to say to us, “Some Christian you are,” when we do not give them what they want or do what they want. But it is more important for them to see the light of Jesus in us, than pleasing them.

When people see me, wherever I am; I want them to notice something. I want them to say, “There’s that girl who loves Jesus so much.” I don’t care if they know my name or remember my dress and shoes; I don’t care if they heard me singing with earbuds in while on my cardio; I don’t care if they watch me grocery shopping. I only care they notice my genuine, deep love for Jesus.

That’s a test I never want to fail.

I love if Terry and I are not together and someone asks, “Where’s your better half?” Terry does make me better and I want to make him better. But more importantly, I want people to notice I am not me without Jesus. I am not complete without Jesus.